In-House Services

Day Care:
Are you tired of seeing THAT face when you walk out the door? Consider bringing your furry loved one to day care! Our daycare offers so much more than just a day of romping around. Supervised socialization is an important element in raising a well-adjusted dog!

  • Rates: Full day $22; Half day $14 (up to four hours)
  • Discounted packages and monthly unlimited visits also available!

Overnight Accommodations:
When you can’t take them with you, let us provide the best overnight for your loved ones.

  • State rooms: $32 per night; $22 for 2nd dog in same room (prices INCLUDE PARTICIPATION IN DAYCARE!)
  • Suites: starting at $52 per night; $22 for 2nd dog in same room.
  • Pick up for pets after noon will result in a half daycare charge. See our Policies for further detail.
  • Ask us about our SPECIAL NEEDS suites!

* Please note that all participation in off-leash
playgroups require a
MEET ‘N GREET evaluation
of your pup’s social skills!

Pampered Pet Services

EXCLUSIVE to the Paw Palace - Pet Concierge!

A dedicated staff member will keep you up to date as to the well-being of your pet (including pics of the fun!) as often as you would like by whichever means of communication you prefer while you are away.

  • Departure bathing/grooming including
  • “Paw”dicure
  • “Paw”lish
  • Tuck-in services
  • Royal Room service – beginning at $1.00 per treat
  • Frozen treats or stuffed Kong toys

Because our feline friends have their own unique needs, we have created a special wing in their honor!  Guests receive delicious treats, specialized toys and personalized play sessions! Suites with a view $15.00 per night.

Guest Amenities:

  • 7000+ square foot facility
  • Webcams coming soon (under construction)
  • Powder coated state rooms with raised orthopedic cots
  • Custom cat condominiums
  • Exciting and stimulating day care program with spacious “ballrooms” and cushioned floors
  • Outdoor pool play (weather permitting)
  • Complimentary snack time
Spa Services:
Royal primping for your king or queen!

The Paw Palace now offers a full range of spa and styling services for our canine and feline clients. All of our clients will receive only the best treatment from our Pet Stylists.

Options include:

  • Bath & Paw-dicure: all baths include multiple shampoo and conditioning (if necessary); ear cleaning and hand drying. Toenails can be trimmed and buffed (if the pet allows).
  • Face, Feet & Fanny: All of the above services and a sanitary clip and trimming of the feet, face & bottom.
  • Full grooming packages include: bath, blow-out, breed specific full body trim, nail trim and buff, ear cleaning and anal gland expression if needed.
  • De-shedding services available including use of The Furminator.
  • De-matting services: Careful removal of tangled & matted hair. Beginning at $5 per 15 minutes
  • Hand scissoring: Exquisite attention to de-tail!

Cat Spa & Styling Services:

Cat grooming includes a bath, blow-dry, brush out and nail trim. You can then consult our Pet Stylist to determine your cat’s overall style. Shorthair cats – prices starting at $35.00. Longhair cats – prices starting at $45.00. LION cuts available upon request!

Cat Styling FAQs:

  • Don’t cats groom themselves? No. Cats lick their coat. There is nothing special in cat saliva that gives it cleansing properties. In fact, ingesting debris in their coat or shedding can cause health problems.
  • Do cats need to be groomed? Yes. The grease in a cat’s coat and a lack of proper care of a cat’s coat can lead to mats and pelting which can be extremely painful for a cat. Regular cleansing of a cat can help eliminate the natural buildup of greased and the shedding undercoat.
  • Don’t cats hate water? It is true that some cats enjoy baths less than others… but most cats are relaxed by their spa experience. Introducing a young cat to bathing and styling is key making your cat comfortable during their future spa days.
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